Our Company History

After 12 years of actively farming with Emu's, Peter Duncan had a vision of South Africa totally independent from other countries oil, He always had a major interest with regards to Emu Oil and slowly began building towards a dream and  in 2004 SA Emu Oil Processors was founded. 

Peter attended countless International Emu Conferences (held in the USA) on an annual basis and befriended fellow American Emu Oil Processors who assisted Peter in realizing his dream. It was a great challenge to fine tune all aspects of the Emu Oil Processing Plant. In 2006 Peter was elected as a member of the American Emu Oil Committee that is responsible for governing all the aspects involved in specification of the oil and additional research, the same year Peter received the "Bitsy Cartwright" Award at the Annual Emu Conference held in the United States for his contribution to the Emu Oil Industry.

After major success in South Africa and extensive knowledge of Emu Oil Peter Duncan was elected as a member of the American Emu Association's Oil Committee (2006) which govern and regulate the Emu Oil Standards for the USA and has been member since then. The American Emu Oil Trade rules was so successful that it has been adopted and accepted by many countries and is often referred to the "International Standards or Trade Rules". Receiving the award was of great honor and inspiration and motivated Peter to complete the Emu Oil Plant before the end of 2007. The plant was complete in September 2007 and the first batch of oil was processed in October 2007 with the technical assistance and guidance from friends in the USA. 

The plant at SA Emu Oil Processors have the most modern processing facility in South Africa and is capable of manufacturing Emu Oil to various international standards offering our customers all available grades of affordable top quality Emu Oil for their individual needs. All the grades of Emu Oil manufactured by us is backed with test results to prove that it is in acceptable ranges as stipulated by the International Emu Oil Standards using the A.O.C.S (American Oil Chemists Society) testing methods as recommended by the American Oil Chemists Society. All the Emu Oil manufactured is tested by the SABS using the A.O.C.S method. 


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